Long Term Residence Permit

Long Term Residence PermitGeneral Information: Foreign nationals that resided in our country for eight years uninterruptedly may get a residence permit for an indefinite period upon request. To ask for a residence permit they need to go to the provincial security directorate or to the Immigration Office in the province they are residing.

Terms for the long term residence permit
  1. Having resided in Turkey minimum for eight years uninterruptedly
  2. Not having received any social reliefs in the last three years,
  3. Having a sufficient and regular source of income to support himself/herself and his/her family, if any
  4. Having a valid health insurance
  5. Not posing a threat to public peace or public security
How to calculate the period of eight years?
In calculating the eight uninterrupted years specified in the criteria, half of the student residence permit and entirety of the other residence permit are considered as referred to in article 38 of the law.
Which rights may the foreign national that have a long term residence permit enjoy?
Save for the social security rights; The foreign nationals that have a long term residence permit may enjoy rights vested in the Turkish citizens, except however for military service obligation, right to elect and be elected, holding public office(s), importing vehicles and other arrangements in the private law.
Is the long term residence permit cancellable?
If foreign national that stays in Turkey based on a long term residence permit spends more than a year outside Turkey except for reasons of health, education and compulsory public services in his or her home country, then the residence permit may be cancelled. If the foreign national poses a severe risk fort the public peace and public security, the residence permit is cancelled and the concerned may not file another application for the residence permits thus cancelled. Long term residence permits are cancelled by governorship after approval is obtained from the ministry.
Can one file another application for a long term residence permit that is cancelled?
One may file an application for long term residence permit that is cancelled at the consulates abroad, and at the governorships at home. In case of re-application, the criterion for eight uninterrupted years of residence in Turkey will not be sought; such applications will be evaluated with priority and will be concluded latest in a month.
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